The Project Steps

All of these steps will be updates as I do them, so the full list will take up until when the project is completed to be fully accurate for my individual project.
  1. Do some research into what type of Mini is best for your individual needs
  2. Find one that is perfect for you and get it for the best price you can
  3. Collect the car
  4. Clean/polish – to see what is dirt and what is rust!
  5. Remove the battery from the boot (Black part first)
  6. Remove boot lit and boot cables
  7. Take off the rear lights and rubbers
  8. Remove the rear fog light
  9. Take off the front lights and indicators
  10. Remove the front grill
  11. Take off all of the door accessories (handles, window winder, etc) which then enables you to take off the door card
  12. Unbolt the front seats from the car floor
  13. Unbolt the front seatbelts
  14. Take out the back seat and backrest
  15. Unbolt the rear seatbelts
  16. Once all of this has been done, you can remove all of the carpets from the car
  17. Take off the gear stick knob and rubber
  18. Remove the rear windows and window rubbers
  19. Take off both of the doors (make sure to take out the split pin and the peg before you undo the bolts under the wheel arches)
  20. Remover the rear-view mirror and the sun-visors to allows better access to the headlining
  21. Take off the headlining as best you can (it won’t come fully off until the front and rear windscreens are out)
  22. Take off the plastic seal from between the windscreen and rear window rubbers