Spent a fair bit of time on the car today, as the weather was very nice and I had a spare couple of hours after school.

However, hardly any visible progress was made!! The main job today was to find out if the clocks on my dashboard were in fact secured in in the engine bay behind the soundproofing, and thankfully they were! However, on my car the soundproofing was very thick and hard to tear, so that took a fair bit of time to uncover the bolts.

After finally uncovering the bolts, I managed to get 3 of them off as they were easy enough to access with a few scraped knuckles. However, the 4th bolt which is the bottom one on the right hand side proved very hard to get off, and I still haven’t managed to do it yet. I will be trying again soon though. The pictures show the general area where the nuts are, but they are not great pictures as the nuts were so hard to get to!

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