Managed to get a good 3 hours work done on the car today which was very useful. The first job was to have another go at removing the doors by undoing the bolts under the wheel arches. Sadly they wouldn’t budge, so taking the wheel off to get proper access may be required. However, more work did get done.

The first job was to remove the front seatbelts which proved harder than it looks, because after removing the 2 bolts that hold them in place, I still cannot find a way to get them off the car. If anyone knows how to do this, feel free to let me know!

Removing the rear seats was much easier, and only took about 20 minutes once I had found the bolts which held them in place. Once they have been removed, you get much easier access to both rearĀ seatbeltsĀ  much easier than fumbling round under the back seats as I first tried!

With all 4 seats removed from the car, all of the carpet could simply be pulled out, which was made much easier in my case due to the fact I am not keeping it, so much more force could be used. The final job of the day apart from tidying up and taking pictures was to remove the rear windows, which I managed to do by accident. I was planning to remove the window seals, and found that once all 4 screws had been undone, the whole window comes out with only a little persuasion!!

Overall a very productive afternoon, but I think that all of the jobs may start to get more complicated from now on. Below are some pictures of the work done so far:


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