Finally got the Mini back home in the garage, which saves a 1 hour round trip to get the car, even without doing any work. It helps having gripper bags to put screws and items in from each stage of the strip-down.

The first thing that got done today was to take the battery out of the boot. This was mainly so we didn’t have anything to worry about. When taking the battery out, always do the black “side” first so that you are earthed if you touch the metal with the screwdriver. After taking the battery out, we removed the boot lid to give ourselves more access into the boot in future. Removing the boot is quite easy, as is removing the aerial from the boot.

Next, we continued by taking all of the handles and other accessories the door card on both sides, and then taking the door cards out. This is what the door should look like after you have taken the door cards off:

Removing the wheel arches is also easy, just undo the visible screws and it should come straight off with a little force. The same can be done with the front and rear lights, just on the from lights make sure that you remove the screws and not adjust the other headlight features, as they look almost the same as the screws.

With all of the screws on the car, depending on how well looked after the car is, many of them may be corroded. With this problem, make sure that you do not round off the edges as you will then have to drill the screws out (not a fun job at all!!) The product that I used to help remove the corrosion of the screws is called CorrosionX and is simply brilliant at removing corrosion and making screws many times easier to undo.

However, not everything today was as simple as removing screws! When looking into how to remove the doors, we found that the bolts were very difficult to access from the inside, as it was very hard to get the angle. You can access the other side of the bolt from under the front wheel arches, however these were incredibly badly corroded due to all of the grit and salt, but again, after putting CorrosionX on, I am hoping that when I go back to it again this week, they will be almost good as new.

There will be some pictures going up soon from today, but overall it was a great start for the project!

The only UK official distributor sells the product from: http://www.corrosion-x.co.uk/



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