After getting the final door off yesterday, the car was beginning to look much more like a shell.

The jobs for today were mainly small ones such as putting all of the small fiddly parts into gripper bags in the garage so that everything is tidier and also so that when I start to re-build the car I know where everything is and I know that I haven’t lost any of it. After doing all of this, it was then time to label all of the loose wires that had been ¬†exposed in the car, so that again I know what they are when putting the car back together. This was easily done by just putting masking tape around the wire and writing on it what the wire did and where it lead to.

I also has a go at taking off the headlining, which is easy enough if you can get to the plastic bars which hold it in place. If you start by the rear window and just pull, then it should start to come off, and you can then get your hand behind the headlining to pull out the plastic bars. Once they have been removed, the headlining is then only held on by the front and back windows, as the rubber seals around them hold the headlining in place.

In order to begin taking the windscreen and rear window out, I removed the plastic seal from between the 2 rubbers around each window, which turned out to be a very painful job, as when sliding the screwdriver along (being careful not to scratch the paint) lots of tiny shards of plastic are fired off the seal as it is very old and brittle.

Once this is done, when the rubbers have been loosened either by just pushing and pulling them or if this doesn’t work, by carefully sliding a knife between the 2 rubbers to loosen them. At some point in the next few days, I will be attempting to remove the front and rear windows with help from my father, as it is a 2 person job.

No more real updates, but removing the sound proofing is the next massive job, and one that I am really not looking forward to.

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