With school finished for half term, the chance to spend the whole day with the car was just too good to turn down. After arriving at the unit where it is being stored, it was time to take the wheels off and give both the inside and outside a good clean, which¬†judging by the state of them hadn’t been done for a few years!

However, after spending about 45 mins on each wheel, the difference was massive, and definitely worth doing.

After cleaning the rest of the wheels and the car, it was time to see if polishing the car would make any difference to how the paintwork looked and felt. On the left is how the drivers side rear quarter panel looked before a polish, and on the right is how it looked afterwards.



The layer of oxidisation on the rear quarter had meant that it looked a funny blue colour, but after a quick polish, it was back to the original jet black colour! It was a great day being able to spend so long on the car, especially seeing what a difference a quick clean can do.


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