After a productive few days before this, the bare shell was really starting to take shape. The main job for today was to take the drivers side door off, which somehow was even harder than taking the other door off!!

This was made harder by that fact that I was pushing toward the car to undo the bolts whereas on the other door I was pulling away from the car, meaning I had much more leverage. However after some better tools with more leverage had been found, the door eventually came crumbling away in basically a pile of rust!

Another big job for today was attempting to take the dashboard off, which I had though would be easy. However, as I have the dashboard with 2 clocks in front of the steering wheel, I really don’t know how to get it out. I have since had word that the bolts that hold it in are behind the engine behind the soundproofing, which won’t be taken off for a while, so the dashboard will have to wait.

Other than that not much else was done today, apart from the terrible discovery off the amount of soundproofing on the floor. This is not good as it is all going to have to be removed before the shell can be painted, and sadly it is rather a major job which is probably going to take a good few solid hours of work.

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